There is a general sense of skepticism towards home birth in the Czech Republic. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Hostility Toward Home Births

Restrictions on Home Births Due to Medical Paternalism and Inhumane View of Mothers, Critics Say

Photo Winner

Winner! Double “V” is for View

Letna Panorama Wins First Prague Wandering Photo Contest

roma ft img

Fighting Her Way To Equality

Life as a Romani University Student in the Former Eastern Bloc

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PragueCast: Is Post-Communist Life What We Thought It Would Be?

Czechs Look Back at the Velvet Revolution and Look Forward to Change
Nov 23, 1 28 31 PM

Wall Is NOT Over

In the Wake of Vandalism, Civilians Recreate Lennon Wall By Klein Aleardi, ...
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Narcissistic Klaus vs. Obscene Zeman

Who Would You Rather: President’s Edition

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Protestors Disgusted With President’s Salty Language

Ties to Russia Anniversary of Freedom Marked by Disillusion with Political Reality

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When the night gets too crazy,  the 'drunk tank' is where you sober up for the night.

Seeking to Sober Up

In Search of the Last Drunk Tank

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Photo courtesy of Marilyn La Jeunesse

Petting Goats Can Have Unexpected Consequences

Life Lessons of a Small Town with a Leaning Tower

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Photo courtesy of Fabio Venni via Flickr

A *Bro In Soho

Clueless, Penniless Dandy Doesn’t Wow The Ladies

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Writer Celine Sidani and her friends posed in front of St. Peter's Basilica. Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Gunin

Don’t Trust Men In Blue Vests

Sistine Chapel Scam so Sleazy it Even Impresses Cops

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One of Antosova full classes mid-twerk. Photo by Caroline Maeda

The Art of Twerking

Hip Hop Pro Thrusts Her Way Up the Dance Ladder

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Photo by Erica Gonzales

Nuns on Fire and Striptease

Burlesque Invades Vinohrady with Wildcat Tamer, “Unholy Woman,” and More

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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Off the Grill and On the Field

Smokey Sausages Unite Czech and American Soccer Fanatics  

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People of every age, size and body type relax in the outdoor bathing area at Szechenyi Baths in Budapest. Photo courtesy of

Bathing with Strangers

Leave Your Insecurities at the Door in Szechenyi

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photo by Nicolette Acosta.

S&M For the Cultured Masses

Prague Shakespeare Company’s “Venus in Fur” Gives Audience Tempting Taste of Female Domination

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